Oregon Sunstone FEE DIGGING
Reservations and Appointment Information
Make sure to have a mask for everyone while
traveling and visiting Oregon.
Thank you and be safe

We at Double Eagle Mining look forward to helping in any way we can.
(541) 417-0158
GPS: 42.42.758N   119.49.248W

Our Fees
Our fees are $70 per person for you to lease access to a virgin ore pile for one day of
shovel and screening for Oregon Sunstone crystals.
(Children under 12 years old
are Free)
You can also purchase for $240 one yard of 3 inch minus production ore.
We will also screen the virgin ore for you with our powered screening plant. This
screened material is then placed on waist high screening table, great for folks with
physical limits and handicaps, or you just don't want to run a shovel. At the screening
table you can take your time going through the material removing your Oregon
Sunstone crystals from the host Basalt rock.  NO time limit, limit of 4 adults per table or
One Family. 1 yard is about equal to about 40, 1/2 to 3/4 full 5 gallon buckets.

What you need to bring.
Bring LEATHER GLOVES, WE do not provide gloves. We have pit toilets for your use.
We also have the tools you will need to mine, No deposit required. If you have your own
tools, please bring them so others can use ours if they need to, our supply is limited.
When you visit the mine please bring food and drinks and what ever you think you will
The nearest store is over 20 miles away in Plush.   
Bring lots of water or fluids to stay hydrated and what you want to EAT
Free Camping and for other places to stay Click Here
If you plan to camp, we will give you a place to set up your tent or trailer.  Advance
notice by phone or email is appreciated.
Please remember you need to bring everything you will need to camp, eat, drink, cook,
wash and sleep
Charcoal grills and fires are not allowed due to fire danger and regulations   
We are located in the high desert; there is no running water or electricity.  If you bring a
pet please continue past our trailers until you reach the camping area by the blue
outhouse follow the signs and the blue arrow.  Dogs must remain in your camp area or
with you at all times and be on a leash at all times. Camp quiet time is 9PM to 7AM;
please do not use generators, etc, during these hours so everyone can enjoy the
Coyote calls at night,

Your hosts,
Debbie & John Aldrich

1.        Take Hwy 395 North to the Hwy 140 East junction (about 6
miles) and turn right onto Hwy 140.
2.        Drive 15 miles to Plush Cutoff Road.  It will be on your left,
just after the signs that say Blue Creek and Hart Mtn Refuge ½  
mile. Follow this for 18 miles into Plush.
3.        Drive straight through Plush on Hogback Road to Road 311.
(about 7 miles) It will be on your right, a 3-way intersection.
4.        Turn right on Road 311 and go ¼ of a mile.  You will see a sign
on your right that says Sunstone Area.  Turn left here.  You are now
on Road 6155.  Follow this for about 7.8 miles to Road 6115.  (it’s a 3-
way intersection)
5.        Turn left onto Road 6115 and go about 3.75 miles.  Look for
our sign on your right (with red reflector sticks) that says Double
Eagle, and turn right at the sign.
6.        After you turn right at our sign, follow this road for 8/10th of a
7.        You will see another one of our signs on your left, as well as
our trailer and American Flag up on the knoll.  Turn left here at the
sign and follow the road up to the camp. Please drive slow (dust
control) when you get near the trailers, and there might be kids
around too.  Thanks for your consideration.  

If you are coming from Hwy 395 north, turn left onto Hogback Rd and
follow it to Road 6165,
6165 is a unmaintained road and very rough,
not for RV's,
(or continue on Hogback Road to 311 and follow the above
directions from Plush)
Continue on to Road 6115.  Turn right onto
6115, and continue east on 6115 continue past the public collection
area, and a little over a mile past Dust Devil mine.  Look for the
Double Eagle sign on your left.  Turn left at the sign.  It is about 1
mile to our camp, drive 0.8 miles there is a road to the left and
another Double Eagle sign.  You can now see our camp up on the
knoll (large tan 5th wheel and American flag), take this small road to
our camp.  If you are coming from Lakeview/Plush see the detailed
map on opposite page.
Map to Oregon Sunstone
Directions to Oregon Sunstone Mine
The Mine is now CLOSED to the Public
Will reopen the
25th May 2024
Join us in 2024 to collect your Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone
One of the rarest known Gemstones.

We are now CLOSED to the Public
Double Eagle #16 Mine is now closed to the public for digging of Plush Oregon Sunstone. Join us in
2024 when you can collect your own Plush Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone. Reservations are
not necessary, but greatly appreciated.

Please contact us to reserve your Mine visit.
Phone: (541) 417-0158