ABOUT US and Double Eagle Mining Company
Double Eagle Mining Company is a privately owned environmentally
conscious mining operation founded in 2004. We strive to meet or exceed
all local, state and federal requirements and regulations.
We operate under a State and Federal approved plan of operation. Under
this plan we have in place a secured deposit of guaranty bond’ to insure
that all necessary reclamation will be completed and/or the cost of
reclamation covered.
We are registered with, licensed, and/or hold all necessary permits required
by Lake County, Harney County, State of Oregon, The Department of
Environmental Quality (DEQ), The Department of the Interior, Bureau of
Land Management (BLM), United States Department of Labor, and the Mine
Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
About Us and Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone
Meet The Owners of Double Eagle Mining Company, owner operators
Debbie and John Aldrich
. Both have strong interest in rare gemstones
and being able to mine this rare Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone and to
make it available to the world is a privilege to both. John, being of Native
American heritage believes strongly in being a good steward of the earth
and to make sure it is preserved for future generations.
We look forward to helping you with your purchase of Oregon Sunstone. We
sell direct to the industry and the public alike.
John and Debbie inspecting 124 carat Teal Bi-Color
Environmentally Friendly Mining is not an easy task. We are proud of
our operation plans and goals. We use a dry screening process which uses
no water or chemicals, eliminating the chance of introducing contaminates
into the soil. Even our camp waste (wash) water has to be contained and
hauled out to a waste water treatment facility. We only use the bare
minimum equipment and runtime necessary to extract the Feldspar crystals
from the host Basalt flows. Our camp is solar powered with a fuel efficient
Honda backup generator. We are proud of the fact that we mine 4-5
months a year and our carbon footprint is less than most homes for 2
Oregon Sunstone Camp Solor Panels
Reclamation and restoring of the mining site and any test areas is an
ongoing responsibility and goal of Double Eagle Mining. After the extraction
of all marketable minerals and crystals; all natural tailings and rubble are
returned to the mining site. All testing sites are backfilled in a timely manner.
After backfilling and returning the surface area to its natural state, we
reseed with wild indigenous plant seed specific to the area. Our goal and
mission is to return all disturbed areas back to their natural state for all
future generations and wild life to enjoy.
Prong Horned Antelope in the Oregon Sunstone Camp
Mine direct sales of Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone

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