Oregon Sunstone Rough for Sale
from Double Eagle Mining
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All Rough Crystals on this page are listed at retail prices and all
photos of rough are taken wet with light soapy water, diffused lights
NO photo editing.

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Please read this information about Plush Oregon Sunstone Rough.

Rough is graded according to the type of finished stone it will most likely produce. All
rough crystals require surface cleanup and are priced accordingly. Rough crystals that
have been cleaned up will command a higher price.

Crystal Sizes:
5-10 carat or 1-2 gram, most common small size, yield .50 to 1.5 carat
6-15 carat or 2.1-3 gram, most common medium size, yield 1.0-2.5 carat
16-20 carat or 3.1-4 gram, most common large size, yield 2.0 to 4.5 carat
21-35 carat or 4.1-7 gram, most common extra large size, yield 3.5 to 6 carat
36-50 carat or 7.1-10 gram, most common XX Large size, yield 5 to 9 carat

51-75 carat or 10.1-15 gram, very very low percentage in this size range

76-125 carat or 15.1-25 gram, a very small amount of crystals this size are
                                   produced annually within the mining district.

130-175 carat or 26-35 gram, very few are found annually within the mining district.

200 and up carat or 40 gram and up, solid crystals of this size are a
RARE find for any
                                               of the mines within the district which is the reason
                                               for their high value.
Color grading is determined by the amount of color saturation, how light or dark and type
of color. Copper is the main coloring agent in Oregon Sunstone, therefore colored stone
with no Schiller will receive a higher price value. The following is a list of colors found in
Oregon Sunstone, from the most common to the rarest.
Yellow (Champagne, greenish-yellow)
Schiller (Pure Copper Particles within the Host Crystal)
Orange Red, Copper Red (Cinnamon)
Watermelon (Red surrounded by Green)
Bi-Color (Dichroic)
Pigeon Blood Red, Maroon Red
Dichroic and Trichroic (Color Shift)
True Red
Green (Dichroic, color shift)
Teal (Usually a blue-green)
Blue (Rare, only a few are found annually, if any)

Almost all colored crystals have some form of Schiller. Schiller is particles of suspended
pure copper that forms within the crystal. Copper Schiller makes identifying Oregon
Sunstone quite easy. Schiller comes in many forms, from heavy saturated deposit within a
crystal to a single wire strand. Common terms used to describe the look of this
phenomena are, plate(s), banded, barred, feather, vale, wires, speckle (tiny dots), but all
enhance the beauty of the finished stone.
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Competition Rough 290.0 carats
This is a one of a kind crystal of Red
surrounded by Teal Green, Feather Schiller
surrounded by a nice thick rind of workable
Champagne crystal. Retail value $40-150 per
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