Oregon Sunstone Jewelry
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Please read this information about our Oregon Sunstone Jewelry.

All jewelry listed here comes with a 7 day return policy. Polished Oregon Sunstone is
hard to photograph due to strong scintillation which makes the digital camera try to
compensate for the brightness of the stone and the polished metal. With multiple lights it
is hard to catch the full effect of any Schiller that may be present. So we will do our best to
describe what the camera was not able to capture and the stones are much brighter in
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The Maharani Collection
AAAA+ Oregon Sunstone in 18kt gold:
Created in Fall of 2011 by “Nirinjan” a boutique jewelry studio near Beverly Hills.
This Oregon Sunstone suite of a ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace, took 4 years to gather and cut rough, and
collect finished stones in order to create.
The ring
is approx. 14 grams of 18kt yellow gold with approx 5.5ct, 11x13mm AAAA+ red cushion cut center stone,
cut from rough from the Dust Devil Mine
The bracelet is approx. 28 grams of 18kt yellow gold set with 9 - 6x8, AAAA+ red ovals cut from rough from Double
Eagle 16 and Dust Devil Mine
The earrings are approx. 15 grams of 18kt yellow gold set with 2 – 6x8, AAAA+ red ovals and 2 – 3mm AAAA+ red
rounds cut from rough from Dust Devil Mine.
The necklace is approx. 87 grams of 18kt yellow gold set with a 17 carat 14x20mm,  AAAA+ red center stone cut
from rough from the Double Eagle 16 Mine and 26 – 6x8 AAAA+ red ovals cut from rough from Dust Devil, Double
Eagle 16, and already cut 6x8 AAAA+ red ovals from the Ponderosa Mine.

over 65 carats AAAA+ red Oregon Sunstone and more than 144 grams 18 karat gold.

Retail Price: $225,000.00