Double Eagle #16 Mine and
Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone
Double Eagle #16

Double Eagle #16 is operated by Double Eagle Mining of Lakeview, Oregon. Which
started exploratory digging and sampling of ore in mid summer of 2007. By late summer
open pit mining was started and has been producing some large and rare colored

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Oregon Sunstone Rough
Big Rough

Double Eagle # 16 produced some nice big crystal since 2008. The photo above
shows a few of these crystals. They range in size from 78 carat to 116 carat. These
will cut or carve some large one of a kind stones. As you can see in the photos
Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone crystals require some minimum surface clean
up do to the natural surface. The crystal above have no internal fractures or
inclusions. This size will sell for 10-100 US dollars per carat.

This blue is one of the rarest colors found in Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone.
Double Eagle #16 has produced some of the rare Teal (blue/green) Oregon Copper
Bearing Sunstone, very few crystals are found that reproduced this color of blue.
It is an amazing Blue with Teal (blue-green) Dichroic crystal. While rotating this
blocky 20 carat crystal, the A&B axis showed blue with teal and red on the C axis,
with no mixing, but one of the axis showed this rare blue and teal(see photos).
This crystal was donated to the
International School of Gemology, to be studied
and documented. Robert James of the ISG took the following photos and the one
shows a deep blue color tone.
Yes, Both pictures are of the same crystal of different axises.
Teal Blue  Dichroic Plush Oregon Sunstone
Dichroic Oregon Sunstone
Lakeview, OR 97630
Ph: (541) 417-0158